Why Choose Us

The number one challenge facing U.S. expatriates today is the urgent need to ensure they are in full compliance with the ever changing U.S. tax laws and the aggressive enforcement of such new tax laws by the IRS. When we see tax returns, we don’t just see numbers but the individuals behind them. Our clients work very hard at what they do and our job is to make sure that they are able to fully utilize all exclusions/deductions/exemptions available to them in order to reduce their overall tax liability. With our experience of working with many US Expat individuals, we are fully aware of different situations being faced by American expats and can provide solutions and options to deal with all situations. We provide top quality service to our clients and are always available to meet/have a chat to discuss each clients unique tax situation and advise accordingly.


As we ourselves are American Expats living and working in the Middle East, we fully understand the complexities which come along with filing US tax returns and can provide solutions based on first hand experience on dealing with these complexities. 

Our Promise

We take tax return preparation for our clients very serious and guarantee 100% satisfaction. Not only will we prepare your tax return with the highest level of diligence, our tax experts will be available to answer any queries you may have at any time. Give us the opportunity to work with you and we promise you will be fully satisfied.

UAE Office

PO Box 58234
Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: + 971 4 223 5559

Tel: + 971 56 140 2305

Email: help@ustaxservices-me.com

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