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Fee Schedule

1040 Federal Tax Return


Fees for Expat Tax Return preparation is based on the complexity of the tax return. We offer very competitive pricing and our fees are tailored to each individuals specific situation. Please reach out to us for a free fee quote.



State Tax Return


Our fees for a basic state tax return with employment income and interest income will be USD 95/state return



Local Tax Return


Our fees for local tax returns are FREE!



Extensions of Federal, State and Local Tax Returns


Free of charge!


Estimated taxes due for nex year


Free of charge!

Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)


Our fees for FBAR filings for upto 5 accounts will be USD 75. Additional bank accounts will be USD 25/account.



Streamline Filing (Amnesty)


For deliquent tax filers who have not filed tax returns and FBARs previously or for a long period of time, we can help you get compliant with your US tax obligations under the streamlined filing program. Fee is dependent upon the complexity of each case however we guarantee to offer best pricing for our top quality and painless services under the streamline filing procedures.  



Consulting/Advisory/Audit Support


Ongoing support on tax matters that may be required from time to time (including future planning) will be charged on hourly basis. 


Our fees are tailored to meet the unique situation for each US expat client – from preparation of simple tax returns to preparation of very complex tax returns.


Our prices are extremely competitive as compared to local or U.S. based accountants and a much better value than large accounting firms. We will provide a precise fee quote. Assuming there are no additional forms or complexity once the process begins, the fee you are charged will be the same as the estimate that you receive upfront. No unpleasent suprises!

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